Accounts Payable Report

The accounts payable report provides detail of the money owed by the business in due format. The total amount owed per supplier is provided as well as the amounts due now, for current, due in 30 days, due in 60 days and future. You may specify minimum amounts owed using the report parameters. The report is also interactive so that you may open the each payable account directly from the report.

Report Parameters

Minimum/Specify - Allows you to specify the minimum amount in dollars to be owed before the contact is included in the report detail. You must check the specify checkbox to enter the minimum parameter.

Include $0 Balance Accounts - Check this box if you want to include accounts with zero balances on the report.

Location - Allows you to specify which locations to include.

Enterprise Accounting Tip: When using enterprise accounting, use the all consolidated option under location to create a consolidated report. You must be logged into the designated head office location for this option to be available.

Report Details

The accounts payable report provides a summary for each due period next to the report parameters once the report is created. The first line of the report also provide totals.

Customer Name - The name of the payable account.

Due Now - The amount due now for each account.

Due 30 Days - The amount due in 30 days.

Due 60 Days - The amount due in 60 days.

Due Future - The amount due in more than 90 days.

Total - The payable account's total balance.

To Access the Payable Account

  1. Create the report

  2. Right-click on the account

  3. Click Update Payable Account.

Accounts Payable Report Tour

Consolidated Accounts Payable Report Tour