Detailed Accounts Receivable

The detailed accounts receivable report provides the current detail on each receivable account. Using the date range parameters, you may report account details for any date range. You may also filter the report to include a specific account's details.

Report Parameters

Minimum/Specify - Allows you to specify the minimum amount in dollars to be owed before the contact is included in the report detail. You must check the specify checkbox to enter the minimum parameter.

Include $0 Balance Accounts - Check this box if you want to include accounts with zero balances on the report.

Aging - Allows you to specify the aging period to include.

Location - Allows you to specify which locations to include.

Date Range - Allows you to specify a range of dates to include in the report detail.

Filter - Allows you to choose an account to filter the report for. This will report on one contact's detail only.

Posted - When checked, the report detail will be sorted by the posted date.

Due - When checked, the report detail will be sorted by the due date.

Tip: When using enterprise accounting, use the all consolidated option under location to create a consolidated report.

Report Detail

By default, the report detail is summarized by account showing only the totals for each account. You may individually expand the account to display the detail. You may quickly expand all contacts by click the Open All Accounts button on the report toolbar.

Posted - The date the invoice was posted.

Due - The date the invoice is due for payment.

Type - Displays whether the transaction is an invoice, credit slip, debit or credit.

Ref - Provides the name of the account and the transaction reference numbers.

Description - Provides the description of the transaction.

Date - The date the transaction was posted.

Amount - The total amount of the transaction.

Outstanding - The net amount outstanding for the receivable account.

Detailed Accounts Receivable Report Tour

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