Audit Trail

An Audit Trail is simply a detailed log of every financial transaction in your business.

Business Location

The basic level in the company structure (business hierarchy) - the individual retail store or shop.

Common Complaint

A stored description of trouble symptoms frequently mentioned by customers when describing a problem with their vehicle.

Company Structure

Refers to the hierarchy  of your Enterprise or Franchise Head Office, your Divisions and your business Locations.

Cost Analysis


In an Enterprise, business Locations may be organized into Divisions for the purpose  of consolidated reporting.

Dynamic Job Cost Analysis

Enterprise Head Office

The highest level in a company structure (business hierarchy), that could include multiple Business Locations  organized into multiple Divisions.

Expense Category

Expense Categories are used to track expenses consumed internally.


First In First Out - in Protractor refers to the way inventory items are drawn; they are always drawn out oldest first (the oldest items are the first in). This is significant for costing, as prices vary with different purchases.


Protractor tracks two types of inventory; Materials Inventory, and Supplies Inventory.  The difference is simple - Materials are sold for profit, while Supplies are consumed  by your business.

IP Address

Internet Protocol Address. A unique numbering sequence that serves as your computer address on the Internet.

Job Costing


An Account Journal is a filtered view of your Audit Trail - filtered to show only those transactions that affect one GL Account


The basic level in the company structure (business hierarchy) - the individual retail store or shop.

Maintenance Plan

A Maintenance Plan is a schedule of the Service packages or Pinpoint Inspections which  should be completed at specific time or mileage intervals.



Items sold by your business for profit, such as auto parts.

Other Charges

All the taxes and miscellaneous other charges that various federal, state, provincial,  county, and municipal governments require service businesses to collect and remit.  Also includes shop supplies charges.

PDF File

Adobe(r) Portable Document Format files allow Protractor email recipients to view Protractor documents exactly the way they were originally printed in your shop; its very similar to emailing a photocopy of the original document.

Pinpoint Inspection

A standard list of points to be checked by all technicians when inspecting specific  (pinpoint) areas of a service item (vehicle).

Profit Center

In a Business Location, you can use Profit Centers to broadly categorize your sales.  A Profit Center may be thought of as a store within a store.

Profit Margins

Sales Department

Sales in each Retail-type Profit Center, may be sub-categorized into Sales Departments  for reporting purposes. Protractor reports revenue and expenses for Sales Departments  by materials only (no labor).

Service Category

Sales in each Service-type Profit Center may be sub-categorized into Service Categories  for reporting purposes. Protractor reports revenue and expenses for Service Categories  by labor and materials.

Service Item

In an auto repair business, service items are the vehicles you repair

Service Offerings

All service businesses, especially auto repair businesses, offer a standard list  (or menu) of services. Protractor provides tools to author your menu of service offerings.  In Protractor, your Menu of Service Offerings includes your  Service Packages, Pinpoint  Inspections, Common Complaints, and Maintenance Plans.

Service Package

A pre-defined package or kit of labor descriptions, materials and supplies that form a service that you provide frequently. Service Packages may easily be added to an  invoice as a single unit, thereby saving considerable time.

Smart Label

Smart Labels allow you to label a field by selecting it from a pre-defined list of  common labels or simply typing in a new label.


Items consumed by your business, and not sold for profit.

Target Profit Margins


Refers to the Service Package, Pinpoint Inspection, Common Complaint, or Maintenance Plan that is defined in the Enterprise (Franchise or Setup) Manager.  Templates may be copied or modified for use at each business Location in the Location Manager.

Trial Balance

A Trial Balance is the exercise of printing out all the left side and right side  totals for each GL Account in the Chart of Accounts and adding them up to prove they  are balanced.

Unit Conversion Formulae

User-defined calculations for converting between the units you use to sell an item and  the units you use to purchase that item.

Vital Signs

Whole Goods

A type of inventory item that consists of other material items and labor charges (e.g. a used car or rebuilt auto part).