Sublet is a method of reselling a job that an outside company did for you. Sublet can be sold as materials (parts), labor or both.



Selling Sublet

1)        Add the sublet service package to the work order

a)    Click the Service Package button

b)   Select Add

c)    Click on Services and the Add Services dialog appears

d)   Click on the desired service package, edit the notes box if required, then click Add

e)    Select any additional service packages as required and repeat

f)     When finished adding service packages, click Close.

2)        Receive any materials billed from the outside company

a)    Click Supplied Item

b)   Click Receive

c)    Edit the part description as required

d)   Edit the part number as required

e)    Select the supplier from the drop down list

f)     Enter the supplier's invoice number (SI#) or choose an open invoice from the drop down list

g)    Enter the quantity received

h)    Enter your selling price

i)      Enter your cost

j)     Enter the core price

k)   Enter the margin percentage

l)      Click Add to Supplier Invoice

m)  Confirm addition to existing supplier invoice if applicable.

3)        Receive any labor billed from the outside company

a)    Insert/Update the labor line items

i)      On the Pricing Tab

§           Describe the labor operation

§           Remove the labor description required check if required

§           Choose a predefined labor rate, fixed rate or fixed total from the drop down list

§           Edit the labor rate if using a fixed rate

§           Edit the hours and remove the labor time required check if required

§           Edit the total if using a fixed total

§           Check the completed box if the technician has completed the labor operation

ii)    On the Format Tab

§           Select the supplier if the labor operation is a sublet. Note that the supplier must be a <MISC Supplier>

§           Enter your cost from your sublet supplier

§           Enter the supplier's invoice number (SI#)

§           Override the default display options for hours, rate, technician, supplier and price reduction as required.

b)   Click Apply.